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    Have you tried ignoring it? This is probably one of those attention getting behaviors. With puppies, anything can be perceived as a reward, even looking at them can be a reward. That means that whatever you have been trying to do to get him to stop, yelling no, flipping him, grabbing his...
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    Excessive whining.

    Well you know what? At best, that pom pom will learn not to whine or bark or cry when you are on the other end of that leash. Dogs are smart creatures. Many people believe that they cannot make distinctions like that and in order to make any progress, rules must be consistent with all...
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    Peeing a lot

    Yes, excessive urination and odd or new potty habits can be a sign of a UTI (Urinary tract infection). Excessive urniation can also be a sign of diabetes, but I'm not sure how common it is in pups that young. I would go to the vet for a check up. Puppies are like babies in the fact that they...
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    Excessive whining.

    Just keep doing what your doing I guess, thats the only thing I can think to do. She should eventually learn that whining doesn't get her anything. You can also try giving an extra treat or something when she stops. Maybe try something like when you get to the door and she stops whining...
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    Age to sell puppies

    8 weeks is the minimum. Actually, here in California (not sure if it's a national law or just a state law) it is illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks of age. For small breed dogs and sighthounds, many breeders will wait until 12 weeks which I personally think is a good idea. True, very...
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    Questions about GSD and Great Dane colors.

    Thanks Jynx :) I like her coloration. I hope it doesn't change too much as she gets older. She will be a year old in March. Here's a pic I just took today
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    Why I Dont Neuter

    Sighthounds can be sensitive to anesthesia, keep that in mind. I have a friend who breeds Borzois and they can be so sensitive to anesthesia that she tole me it is usually recommended to keep a borzoi intact to avoid the surgery. It can be a real risk for some dogs of that breed. She has a...
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    I don't do obediance competitions, but neither of my dogs that know crawl will move in a down stay or down wait. It's just important that your dogs learn to distinguish the commands. Alot of times when you first start training it, the dog will assume that you want him to crawl just because...
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    Questions about GSD and Great Dane colors.

    LOL And that prooves my point that breeding Merles can be complicated genetic wise :D Thanks for clearing that up Thank you She is from all American lines, but she has a German build so that is why she isn't very angled as compared to other American bred shepehrds. GSDluver4life...
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    Why I Dont Neuter

    It's a personal decision really. OC has reasons for leaving her dogs intact and she is being responsible about it by keeping the males and females seperated and containing them. There is no reason for anybody to criticize her decision about leaving her dogs intact. I will be getting into...
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    german shepherds

    I don't like the way the American built ones look. Thats way too much arch and angulation and they do look crippled. It's no wonder they have issues with hip displaysia! I have an American bred GSD, but she has a german build, so her back isn't all scrunched up looking.
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    Questions about GSD and Great Dane colors.

    Jynx your dog is beautiful! About Merles. Merle is a tricky pattern to deal with genetic wise. you should never, NEVER breed a merle to a merle, that's unethical breeding. Most aussie and sheltie merles are bred to a tri color or a sable. Only 1/4 of the litter will turn out real merle and...
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    I HATE shopping for jeans

    I have all sorts of issues with jeans. First, I wear a size 0 in juniors so if I'm at sears or Penny's or a store like that, they're EXTREMELY hard to find. Usually 3 is the smallest size they have. And then when you do find a pair of 0's, they're not very pretty. They're usually some ugly...
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    I clicker train so I used the clicker to shape the behavior. I started them on a down. Then I took another treat and very slowly brought it away, just a few inches out of reach of their nose. When they moved and crawled forward just a teensy bit, I clicked and treated. Then I started...
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    Still having problems with Wally

    Alright good luck! Keep me updated on how he's doing :)