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    Favorite Chick Flicks

    Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorites.
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    Disney Questions!

    I liked Universal so much better than Disney, MGM or Epcot.
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    Nook vs Kindle vs Nexus

    My daughter has a nook, I have the kindle and Nexus. We prefer the kindle for reading, amazon books are cheaper and there are way more free books than the Nook. I also have Amazon prime so I get a free book per month. I don't like reading on the Nexus, much prefer the Kindle for that. Not a...
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    A moment of silence.. I'm getting a kindle. Kindle users?

    I have the Kindle Fire and I absolutely love it. I really resisted buying one because I love to hold a book. I bought a nice leather cover with mine and it feels just like a book and shuts it down when I close it. There are so many free books too. If my kindle broke today, I would be ordering...
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    Christmas stockings

    My kids always loved their stockings the best. I put make-up in the girls and aftershave in the boys, also perfume,candles,jewelry, games and gift cards. They also get their favorite candy in there.
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    I only go to the door if I am going in the house. I just text the word "here" from the driveway.
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    prepaid cell phone plan questions

    I have straight talk ,unlimited everything $45. a month. My daughter has boost mobile $30 a month 300 talk minutes and unlimited texts not sure how much data.
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    Rough year... Be glad to see the end of 2013

    I am so sorry. Take care of yourself. 2013 was a bad year in my life too. Hoping 2014 brings some happier times for all of us.
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    Do you play with your children?

    I loved playing with my kids when they were growing up. We had the best tea parties and went sledding alot, built snowmen, played tag etc.. Even as adults I still play with them, just last night we had game night and all sat around the table with wives and boyfriends playing apples to apples...
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    Another Housekeeping Question--Meals...

    I used to cook every night, but now hardly anyone is home anymore so I have simple dinners for husband, dad and I, mostly soup and sandwiches, fish sticks or salads and have a bigger meal twice a week and eat the left overs other nights. My husband is a good cook and enjoys it. I never enjoyed...
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    Household Chores-How Often?

    Vacuum everyday. Dishes get washed and dried as soon as you use them. Bathrooms quick wipe down everyday, everybody does their own. Dust, once a week. Counters wiped down a few times a day. The kitchen table gets cleaned after each meal and nothing but the napkin holder is allowed to stay on the...
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    Does your state (province/area) have a nickname for its inhabatints?

    I am from Massachusetts and sometimes we are called Massholes. lol
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    I don't consider it Christmas season until the day after Thanksgiving.
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    ASOTV ... What you liked, what you didn't and why

    The wax vac just grosses me out. Fast Bright, the head light restorer sucked.
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    ASOTV ... What you liked, what you didn't and why

    Our eggies worked, but they were so hard to clean after it just wasn't worth it. Over the summer I bought those things that make shapes out of your fruit, can't think of the name, but I liked those, we made some pretty good edible arrangements. Grip and Go was a failure, didn't stay on my...