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    Would you add you to a breeding program

    lol same here
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    Please Explain to Me

    Simple... IDIOTS <
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    Do You Enjoy Pooping?

    It really depends... some poo is more enjoyable than other poo :lol-sign:
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    Do you have a life motto?

    "If it makes you happy and helps you sleep at night, let your freak flag fly" and "I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it" - Maya Angelou ^those are my two
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    The NFL...

    Im a HUGE dallas, and cant nobody tell me anything right now :rofl1: SOOOOO glad the Eagles lost today..
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    White hairs...

    you know if you pluck one out, ten more grow in its place...
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    Mini homes and microlofts...

    no no no no.... I couldnt even do it by myself, I just moved from a tiny place, and now Im in an almost 1000 sq ft apartment with tons of room and I love it...
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    Which is easier?

    Lmao, you're not the only one... I wouldn't consider us "vanilla" we are maybe Neapolitan, depends on how we feel and/ or how drunk / horny we are
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    Which is easier?

    This is going to sound silly as hell, but popping my OH's knuckles is a HUGE turn on for me lol
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    <3 you ((huggles))

    <3 you ((huggles))
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    Which is easier?

    I'm sorry but hell no I think its super nasty and gross and just NO!!!!
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    Which is easier?

    I was 17 also
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    What Email Provider Do You Use?

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    Which is easier?

    My SO and I live together and its anywhere from 2 - 4 times a week for us. Sometimes he wakes me up sometimes I wake him up or sometimes its thirsty Thursday and we get wasted and end up on the floor. BTW I love TMI threads lol <3
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    Meal Planning Websites

    We never meal plan weeks ahead lol. I wish I could, but then I get a taste for something else and that just throws the whole plan out of wack. What we do usually do is have chicken breast and hamburger meat in the freezer at all times because you can make sooooo many different meals with those...