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    Costco Kirklands food

    Is the Kirklands food good to feed? Have they had any recalls? Ive been feeding Orijen for years but I just cant afford it right now.
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    My Oliver is not doing good

    Thank you will look into it. Im willing to try anything at this point. Does chazhound have a facebook page?
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    My Oliver is not doing good Anyone that knows me knows I never ask for help but this time I am giving in and asking. Oliver has either Lymphoma or a rare form of anemia that usually does not strike dogs this young. I want to do everything I can to keep him alive. Most of you know what...
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    Ice water and bloat

    Is it true or not that giving ice cubes and ice water can cause bloat in dogs? I'm not talking a few cubes but a big bowl of ice.
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    Blaze and Golden puppy

    Blaze does love the puppy! LOL
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    Blaze and Golden puppy

    Blaze and Oliver getting ready for Halloween!
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    Blue Dog Bakery treats

    Any opinions on their dog treats? My dogs love them but the ones I have now have molasses in it not sure just how bad that is.
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    Question about Orijen large breed puppy

    I just bought the Orijen large breed puppy but I want to make sure I am not overfeeding him. I was going to go with the adult but this is all the stupid store had and it does not cost anymore then the adult. I think the only difference I see between this is lower fat. He is 13 weeks and he...
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    Do you all agree that the calcium/phosphorus ratio in Go, Acana, and Orijen would be ok for a growing Golden? I don't know what the proper levels should be. These are the 3 foods that I alternate but also sometimes Annamaet salcha.
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    Would the Orijen be too much for him? I just hear that the grain free foods will make him grow too fast. With the Fromm what would be better Fromm Gold Puppy or Fromm chicken a la veg? My mom fed Chicken a la veg to her dogs when they were puppies. I just hear so many conflicting things about...
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    Everywhere else I'm getting bashed for wanting to switch him and I'm being told it is a food show dogs use. My gut says it's bad but people can't understand why I want to switch him if he is doing good and his stool is good.
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    So how bad is Proplan select chicken and brown rice? Yes I have a new Golden puppy I got him last week he is 12 weeks old. I was lost without Gunner and needed another boy. I will post pics soon. The breeder has him on this proplan but I don't want to switch him unless it is really bad. What...
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    Yes the bag did go far and If I'm just buying two bags one for him as a treat and one for blaze for training it will go very far for blaze. I have never taught a dog recall but I'm going to attempt it with blaze and these will work I'm sure.
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    I meant dog. Sadly all I have left is Blaze now since Gunner passed and Brody in 2012 but I end up calling gunner's name all the time instead of Blaze or talking like I still have two.
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    LOL:rofl1: Yes I know what bully sticks are but I fed them for a while before I found out. These lungs are amazing because my mom has a dog that will eat nothing but dry dog food and boiled chicken on occasion. He is 7 years old and he is as pickey as ever he will not even eat a human cookie. He...