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  • In general I wouldn't call them a shy breed if well socialized. They love to play and they're very obnoxious players. They love to wrestle and bitey-face and can be a bit overenthusiastic.

    The Boston Terrier Club of America has some member websites listed:

    The Boston Terrier Club Of America

    and you can contact Billie Bunch ([email protected]) for a list of breeders in your state

    Joey was a breeze to train. He picked things up very quickly and he's very food motivated so that helps. He was the first dog I'd ever trained so he was pretty forgiving of my inexperience. Lucy, is a bit of a challenge. She's very easily distracted so it's a harder to keep her attention. I think that's more of a personality thing though.
    Ya. I already know a bit about their temperament for the most part which is a big reason my fiance is so drawn to them. How are they to train? Eager to learn new things? Do they tend to be shy at all or do they seem to be pretty confident around newer people or situations? I'll try to think of more questions. I live in New Mexico though I've been looking into breeders all over the country because I'm willing to travel for one, but most of the breeders I keep running into breed many different breeds or mix Boston Terriers with Pugs or something and I want to stay away from those breeders.
    Hey Georgygirl. I was trying to think of which member of this forum had Boston Terriers and I just remembered that you do. Would you mind me chatting with you one of these days soon. We're probably going to be getting another dog soonish... maybe not till sometime after the new year, but I want to learn as much about Boston Terriers as possible in the meantime and try to find a good breeder as well. My fiance is really positive that a Boston Terrier is what he wants.
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