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  • Hey, I didn't notice until today you were from BC! Just read in your thread about E-Harmony that you are on Vancouver Island... I am currently there for school! :) Going to UVIC which is pretty exciting, despite having zero idea of what I want to do... I was thinking of planning a BC chaz meetup this summer if I can get a few people interested. I know Pit and Holden's owner is in BC (Skye is her name I think?). Dani and Xandra are also in Vancouver, so there are certainly a few locals. Would you be interested if I can plan it? :)
    Yeah...I've developed the belief over the last few years that animals show up in your life when it's the right time. It's when you actively seek them out that you sometimes end up with not quite the right situation. So I'll wait and see.

    I work with animals so at least I'm able to still see dogs on a regular basis...not that they're always the sweet, cuddly variety... We currently have a 120 intact male Rottweiler at work recovering from surgery...he needs to be muzzled 24/7 and basically can't be touched or moved. Or walked near. Fun!

    But...then we also had a Yorkie come in for a cesarean section last night and got to see her and her puppies' first few hours together. Much nicer!
    Surviving. Probably making some headway in my lifelong quest for self-destruction, lol. Or not.

    You know you're welcome to cyber-adopt any of mine ;) Being dogless is difficult. I thought I'd go mad after Bear died, waiting for the next one to come to me. But it worked out for the best. It gave me a chance to get rid of the crazy live-in who didn't like dogs and then Bimmer turned up.
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