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  • Hi :) Ollie is currently beside me snoring his little head off so I would say he's doing well! Thanks for asking hehe
    I do not like the mouse moving in your siggy, I thought MY mouse went all stupid on me and was spazzing out lol
    I blame your parents, after all.. I was here first! lol. They could have bought a house closer.. ;)
    My brother has got a new nickname for my sister in law (his wife) Alicia..

    It's.. "Inertia".. refer's to her amazing amount of resistance to change in velocity.. Basically she's a lazy cow! :rofl1:
    Are you going to actually be around any time soon.. I have news.. And I HAVE to tell you!
    Oi! Did you know that your message has to be at least 5 characters long.. So, I couldn't just send.. "Oi".
    JUST ONE CORNETTO... Give it tooo meeee, delicious icea-cream, from Italyeeee, the taste, is just supreme.. Give me Cornetto, from Walls Ice creammmm..

    Is it wrong that I remember that whole advert??
    Gommo! :p

    My mum rang me to say that there's a new hairdressers in town, it's called "Gommers Hair studio" :rofl1:

    Who the f*ck would want to have their hair cut by a Gommer?
    I once went out with a bloke who had a willy shaped like a banana.. He was a fruity devil!
    Black puddin, that's all I am interested in.. I could be tempted by a HUGE saveloy though..
    Butchery in the bedroom.. Like they say.. All good women should be a chef in the bedroom and a ***** in the kitchen..

    Lady GaGa.. I want to poke her face with a sh!tty stick!
    Do you know what?

    There just aren't enough recipes involving Kiwi Fruit...
    Please, please tell me it wasn't a purple one.. That would be a serious unjustice!
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