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    Pest Killing Suggestions

    you can most likely buy Terro at any Walmart or such department store. even Lowes/Home Depot in the garden section. I'll never be without it. doesn't smell or anything, which I liked.
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    Pest Killing Suggestions

    buy Terro. it's inexpensive and works like magic! place a couple drops on little paper tabs and place under your couch (anywhere you think they might be) you can do it at night when the kids are in bed, and it will be gone the next day so it's the least danger I think for pesticides. I had them...
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    my heart breaks. ((((((HUGS)))))) run happy, sweet Brutie. I just can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss, fila.
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    Census question

    I didn't answer any of those questions except how many live here. they will call and nag you to death. (I never answered, but had the messages on my machine) one day I picked up and bluntly told the man that I didn't answer because the questions were too stupid. (and they are, wasn't just me...
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    can I ask a camera question?

    asking a camera question, cause I know many here are pretty camera savvy. I tried uploading my camera disk in to my new computer, it does nothing. seems it isn't set up for Windows 7. I went to Canon website (Canon Power shot A520), and they charge ($23.00!) to answer a question. well...don't...
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    Who's Who on Here -- v20.11

    oh Renee! so good to 'see' you again!!!!! and people let me tell you this, she is absolutely stunning in person. :) sexy pics girlfriend!!!!!!!!
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    School puts autistic child in duffel bag

    I'd fly thru that school like a tornado. they wouldn't know what hit them by the time I was finshed. mess with MY baby? I don't think so!
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    lots of pages! I just wanted to stop by yesterday and get a good debate thread going. seemed all snoozey in here. sorry, Lil. didn't mean to get all up at ya. no time to read all the pages, but I will add that if it hasn't been mentioned, that is one complete corrupt town. I hope that's...
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    oh did say you'd urge your inferior to act. sure, Lil. that always works, cause he's Paterno ...he must have had some big power. I won't continue. you have all the answers. I get it. you're angry. who isn't. I just wish some people would see past what media programs them to see...
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    I want to be with anyone that thinks they'll call or walk in to any police station with heresay and see it acted upon. ya, I want to see that happen.
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    cover up. really fell for the media blitz, didn't you, Lil? it's ok..most people have.
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    I love your insight to a situation in hindsight. the stupid man that witnessed the rape should have called the police. they would only listen to HIM. anyone one else that called to say they 'heard of something'. nada. police don't do anything (hey..maybe that's just here and not where you...
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    I love the media. I love the 'spin'. what I don't love is the sicko people that hide behind it all.
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!'re Paterno. say you go to the police. I'd challenge anyone to come here ..walk in to any police station ..and say, 'I heard something'. see what that gets you. nothing. they can't act on that. they need the actual witness to make a statement. so he does next best thing and reports it to...
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    What is your major malfuction?!?!

    most amazing media spin ever. first ...I'm not a Penn State fan, we're a Pitt school here. that said...say all you will about the evil of Paterno. (and I'm not reading it all) you have your minds all set morally correct with conviction! now the 'spin'. Penn State has been trying to get rid of...