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    Rocky in a Laundry Basket

    This is my Jack Russell Terrier, Rocky. She loves to sit in laundry baskets. While Im working in the basement I will put a blanket in there and she will sit in it. YouTube - MVI_4394.AVI
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    Ive never seen anything like this....

    Yes, I was so worried about him. Im so glad it's treatable.
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    My Tank Set Up

    My 35 Gallon Fish - Guppies - 2 Corys -2 Neon Tetras -2 Platys 75 gallon -6 Tinfoil Barbs - 1 Parrot Fish, Charlie - 1 pleco I know this one is over stocked but my Aunt went away for 5 months and she didn’t know what to do with her Tinfoil Barbs so I said I would take them...
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    Not Chewing Food

    Maybe take him to the vets so he can have a look if he is having trouble.
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    Rocky & Jack Pics

    Yes, they can be anuggle bums when they want to be. Usually after their walk they settle down a bit.
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    Do you brush your dogs teeth?

    Rocky and Jack get their teeth brushed every couple of days. Jacks teeth were bad and we spent $500 on a teeth cleaning so we started brushing their teeth. They actually like it. We get special doggie toothpaste.
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    After the first batch went awry, the girls love them.

    We used to make dog cookies. We would make them small and round. I forgot we even made them. I think I will do a batch today. That is great your other batch came out good.
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    Not Chewing Food

    How old is he? If you leave the food out all the time they will eat at their own pace, if you only give them food at a certain time I think they gobble it up with urgency. Mine get food at all times and they just chew it at a nice normal pace. I don't know how you would get him to actually...
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    kind of embarrassing question about humping

    Mine have never ever done that tank goodness. But I have a parrot that humps his plastic towel ledge. It’s so embarrassing and he will do it all day long. I don’t want to see my baby do this. I had a yorkie, Muffin that would hump a stuffed animal. She did that a lot. I don’t like seeing...
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    Foster Puppies Are Here

    Oh wow, I bet you are excited. I sure would be. Can you get some pics of them? If you can maybe the names will come to mind.
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    Rocky & Jack Pics

    Thanks, oh yes, they really are snugglers when there not being bad. :lol-sign:
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    Auggie has a goopy

    Okay, thanks!
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    Ive never seen anything like this....

    Oh no, I almost have tears looking at that poor baby. You must be so scared. Hopefully you get some answers and the meds work. That just looks terrible. Im glad you are working with your vet.
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    What is your ....

    That is EXACTLY like Jack, I could not have said it better then myself. That is what Jack makes Jack, stubborn and knows EXACTLY what she is doing when we say no. To her No means Yes.
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    Ive never seen anything like this....

    Any news? What did the vet say?