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    Assignment #2- "Up Close"

    Snark: Thanks. :) Lexy does indeed have many things to say. She has quite the vocal personality. She was rather annoyed with me that day. :P
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    Assignment #2- "Up Close"

    My twelve-year-old Sheltie, Lexy.
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    hey y'all.

    Thanks Sammgirl and Ricky!
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    Any Floridian Chazzers?

    I live in sunny FL. Dunno if I could attend though.
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    OMG! Came accross an amazing deal. Got a new DSLR!

    I have that exact camera! It's awesome. o: Nice find!
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    What attracted you to your dog?

    My mother's family had always rescued dogs. However, once she and my father married, they decided they wanted a breed - something predictable and known to be good with children. Something trainable, intelligent, and good-sized. Something that would tolerate grabby-hands from small kids. They...
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    This one would match well...

    How sweet! I love the red on him - it's stunning. Such a brilliant red. Anyone else notice the rescue group? "Recycled Poms and Schipperkes" LOL!
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    Hi! New here from Ohio!

    Welcome! I am a new member too. (:
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    I'm a kid who's an amateur photographer...

    Thanks everybody! It sure is nice to be complimented on things. Reason why I ask if I have any talent is because I'm sending applications to colleges in by October. And if I have any natural talent I'd love to pursue a career in it. AlllieMackie: Ooh, that would be great. I'll hit you up in a PM.
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    hey y'all.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. (: Yeah, besides obvious physical differences, Shelties and Papillons are fairly similar; eager to please, easy going, intelligent, and all of that. I suspect that's why others have a combo 'cos I know that's why we chose them.
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    Photography Assigments?

    I'd do it. :P
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    I'm a kid who's an amateur photographer...

    That's awesome. I've been eyeballing the XSi (not that I can afford it, lol) but it's a bit redundant to go from a beginning DSLR camera to another beginning DSLR camera. :P
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    I'm a kid who's an amateur photographer...

    Thanks! I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It's a great camera.
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    I'm a kid who's an amateur photographer...

    I sure appreciate it. Thanks for the welcome. And yep! Riley, Oreo, Lexy, and Zoey! As you can see, I've gone through many watermark changes. :P