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    Who's the No. 1 Guard Dog?

    100% agreed.
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    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    Just upon there actions, like Charliee for example. Her official name is Charles Manson, Charliee for short. She is NUTS and has been since she was 11 weeks old. Hyper as hell, can jump over 8ft privacy fences and is crazy DA and is only 9 months old. :rofl1: I usually name them like that...
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    Pet store puppies

    I go in but I don't buy. Most pet stores beside the ones in malls, sell dogs and cats from the local shelters who are having a hard time being adopted.
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    Too friendly?

    Try training in more public/high distraction areas (Park, Downtown,Petstores etc etc). I would work on impulse control and focus. Don't worry about what people think of you or your dog just work on getting her attention in public areas. JMO. Also, that is such a cute dog./ :D
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    :o Bad dog mom, FORGOT Orson's birthday!

    Very nice looking dog.
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    Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls

    I like the kong balls better. They last longer.
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    Breed needs identified

    THAT IS SUCH A CUTE PUPPY! No idea on the breed but who cares.
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    Toy recommendations

    Mine like kong balls. I don't like the kong toys but the kong balls are nice.
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    Coprophagia and sleeping through the night in a crate?

    I wouldn't use absorbent towels in a create. I also would use urine remover in the cage and I would take some of the suggestions said above.
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    beautiful dogs in your signature.

    beautiful dogs in your signature.
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    Very cute, they have HUGE paws.
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    I dont know what to do

    I like it short.
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    prong collar

    I use them and don't mind them as long as they are used correctly. I see allot of people yanking their animal around with the prong collar on and not using it properly.
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    Grimm is Heartworm Positive

    I second that. I hope all ends up well.