zeke and his BABIES?

This is my sable merle sheltie zeke!! He is amazing! He is sweet and loyal and loves to play daddy with the new kittens so mommy kitty can take a break!!! Zeke is unique having one blue eye and one brown! He looks like a little collie!! I love him with all of my heart!
I love this one. My first German Shepherd, Purdue, was always trying to mother something; everything from kittens to baby rabbits. Zeke is a very handsome little fellow - and very good natured - kitten claws and teeth are sharp!
aw thank you for your compliments!! man is zeke a barker! he loves to play too and chase around the macaw! he is such an attention hog! and funny he hides from kids(i dont have any myself!) and acts like he is all intimadating but very sweet!! what type of sheltie do you have? zeke is a sable merle!
You've got one sweet puppy!! Those kittens are too cute!! :)

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