vic and pepper on sofa

I can't even fathom someone that could boot this dog out on the coldest night of the year followed by the coldest day of the year. SHe is most likely a dump. And i expect by her behavior and as long as it as taken her to warm up to us, that she has changed hands a few times. SHe is well mannered, house broken, minds, it only takes one maybe two corrections and she stops what she is doing..that is all it took to teach her not to chew up her toys. She loves children, other dogs, cats. SHe is a wonderful little girl. WHat kind of person could DO that to any dog? A few years ago i found one just like her and just about her size frozen to the ground. SHe was so terribly cold, wouldn't even get up when i approached in the car. I thought her back was broken, but there was no tell tail puddle. I just reached down and picked her up and held her to me, she felt like a block of ice. SHe kicked her ears for two days from frost nip. i know she was out all night because i stopped and asked a man if he knew who's dog she might be and he said he didn't know but had seen her out the night before.
I noticed the same thing Renee. They are 2 peas in a pod.
know what they are it she REALLY GETTING off the dang computer? I don't believe it.

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