Scooter loves the camera.

This is my 4 year old, 15lb Yorkie that should have named Moose! Who knew he would get this big - just more of him to love.
That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!!! He melts my heart. Adorable name, too.
Thank you so much for saying so. Scooter is the happiest dog and I think he was born to make others laugh, he is the funniest dog I have ever seen.

I have lots of photos of Scooter around my house because he is so easy to capture on camera. I have another Yorkie and he hates to have his picture taken like I do, ha!
Its really strange the differing size of yorkies you can get.
He is a beautiful Yorkie. There is a big difference in size in My 2 Female Shih Tzus too. One is 11 lbs. and the other is 19 lbs. so I guess there is a big range in size in most breeds.

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