Taking it easy
He's certainly alert! He looks like he's just full of mischief.
Its Oscr - he is 6 months old wen this was taken. He is now 1 yr old. Still just as alert and nutty!
Hi Channa, just found one of your pics. He is so adorbale, reminds me of sadie when she was a puppy.
Yeah - pretty cute huh. Dobermans are so soft if raised properly - people are scared of my two when they see em walking down the road. If only they knew them huh?
He looks lovely, I bet he's scatty because when Marshall was that age he was a total loon ( O yeah he still is). I would love to get a chocolate one, but I love all dobermans. It's the for me, people actually cross the road when they see Marshall and I walk down the road, I do think is funny because it goes to show how people believe the press is't it?
THanks very much. Yes Oscar is well scatty. Its funny how people believe what they hear in teh press. Dobes are loyal but no more ferocious than any other breed it brought up incorrectly!
channa, I bet oscar is growing big can you send me some pic's of them thanks. your friend sheila from U.S.A. DID YOU SEE THE ROYAL WEDDING?
I havent got any more pics of him Im sorry. He is really big, prob bigger than Jake now. Jake is still the boss though!

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