me and my late SO JIm

this is me ..on a very good day, with my sweetheart, and a birthday cake that GG made. THE cake, i have to have had almost 40 of them. ITs got ground chocolate in it, and a scratch frosting that was incredible. WHen i was little i got to pick what color it would be and she would add food coloring. EAch year would be different, every one of them. Once it was even turqoise.
It's a beautiful photo of a beautiful subject Smkie. You look gorgeous and happy. And your guy smiles with his eyes. I love that. And the cake! What can I say? It shows love. The details and attention. A very special moment.
What I love is how contented you look, and how quietly thrilled Jim looks - like he knows he's the luckiest man who ever walked.

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