Let us out!!!

Oh! Ti! What a WONDERFUL photo! This is great; it should be published in an expensive dog fanciers' coffee table book.
I wasn't taunting them. They weren't crying or anything. They love being out in the yard. They just run to the gate any time they hear someone walking up to the door.
Ti, I wouldn't give a second thought to snide, cowardly remarks made by someone hiding behind the mask of anonymity. This is a friendly place and there isn't room for that kind of ill-nature to spread misery. It's so much happier and simpler to give joy; something I've learned from my animals. In the words of Lennon, "Instant Karma's gonna get ya!"
Yeah! That's a funny photo, I love it!
A ten out of ten I would say, What else could I say but its soooooooooo cute.
I'm sure the person who thinks they are being taunted needs to get an education on animal behaviour. "Taunted ahhh" some people can be so feeble-minded.

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