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5 day old wiemies
To whoever thought that the one pup might be squashed has not an inkling of knowledge of a 5 day old pup. Total weight of each pup is approximately just over 1 lb. If the dog was in any danger of squashed or suffocation, Mom Knows! We'd know. I would hate to think what that person would think when they see all 9 of these puppies in their "pile-up" that keeps them warm , comfortable and secure. This overwhemingly rash statement of being smashed is way out of line, and shows no knowledge of the warmth and love of a litter. But it is the opinion of only 1, so as soon as thier little eyes begin to open, I will gladly submit more pictures to those that appreciate these adorable Weimaraner puppies.
A big "Thank -you" to all the rest for your appreciating their little lives!
Hey, Sterling - the pups are magnificent. It's amazing the way they can just snuggle up in a big wad, like a Chinese puzzle ball.

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