Driving or Riding??

Chloe, 3yr old Yorkie/chihuahua mix. Do you think she is driving the truck or riding??
What a great photo of an adorable little ragamuffin! I think the little ones with the coats like this are just too cute.
Okay, the imagination's working overtime again: I can see this as a movie poster, the caption reads: "She was just a scruffy coated little shelter mutt, he was a Great Dane, a show dog with a pedigree back to William the Conqueror. They knew it could never be . . ."

But you knew she was a little star, didn't you?
Thank you Renee of White Pine, TN. It's nice to see some people out there have a sense of Good, Clean, Polite Humor!! Chloe was rescued by Hearts 4 Animals. When she came to us as a Foster dog 2 weeks ago, she had whip worm, a bladder infection, under nourished, and so scared she shook all the time. Now she plays with beanie babies, little balls, chewies, and loves to lay around in the Hideaway cat house. She has finally made up to Buttons, the cat, and holds her own with our Yorkie/Terrier mix, Susie. Today she went to her Adoptive home in Kansas City, MO and has already swiped the chihuahua's toys, taken over the Adoptive mothers favorite chair, and has established her place as the boss of two other little doggies. Chloe should hate us humans for what was done to her, but she doesn't. She has learned to trust us again and feel secure enough to give us a lick on the hand and a high 5 with her paws. A very big thank you to all the doggie rescue people out there who make a better world for doggies like Chloe!!!! All 5.5lbs of her! I say "Chloe for President!"
What you do is so difficult. I've had a few pass through my home on their way to finding a permanent home, and it's tough to let them go. The worst was probably a gorgeous, loving Malamute who showed up at my doorstep dragging a broken logging chain. No one ever claimed her, and I would love to have kept her but she and Purdue, my German Shephed, absolutely hated each other, probably out of jealousy. He was about ten years old at the time, and it just wasn't right to let him feel his place was being taken over. As luck would have it, I met a woman who had a great big yard and two little boys who fell in love with Ananda. When I took her to her new home, they had an old twin bed mattress - and springs - on the sun porch and a brand new set of stoneware dog dishes with her name all ready for her. I sat there and cried while I told her farewell, but I never had to worry that she wasn't loved!

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