Born to be outdoors

She loves being outside she can't get enough!
Hey Hi Peepers!!!!! Where ya been? Vic says he missed u! YOUVE GROWN!!!!
How is Vic? I looked at your gallery and he looks great. I went on vacation for a while then my camera broke and I didn't have any new pictures of my baby. Thanks for being so sweet to my Precious. I really do think her and Vic could be kin somehow. Have a great day.
i came to have a second look at your precious...i have had her in my mind today for i am almost certain that she has to be at least half english pointer, the dark rimmed eyes, and the ear spots color..there is just something so familiar between the two of them. The sleeping poses are very much alike too..i think she has a stockier side and what ever mixed with her pointer side must have had stand up ears, she is such a pretty gurl. i am glad u posted your pics! Tomorrow i will post some pics i found in pointer magazine that look like our babies..there are a few specific ones i would like to share with u.
i posted the pics for you in the forum under breed discussions..hope you like them..they are the best ones i have found of our dogs ancestors!

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