Bimmer & Kharma (12 wks) She's his little girl now!

This one's for all of the Heart-Fathers who are so special to the children they love.
That's exactly the way they interact. He's obviously not her biological father (lol), but he's just like a doting step-dad (I really hate that "step" term!). He scolds her when she needs it, just like he does Shiva and Stanley, but Kharma's the only one who will just immediately kiss him on the face to make up to him. The others go sit down in the corner quietly. Kharma's just got his number!
Very funny.You know I think Bimmer is a great looking dog.I love his markings.Is he a mix?If he is then it's a succesfull one!
Thanks, Nicco. He's a GSD/wolf mix. There may be something else in with the wolf mix side of him, but the GSD and wolf parts of him are the dominant parts of his personality.
Katy, she'll probably only weigh around 120 to 130 pounds by the time she's two years old and fully mature.
Haha Renee,I just have to laugh. ONLY around 120 or 130!? roflol... Kharma looks like a slimy little girl, trying to weasel her way out of a punishment! Ripley will jump in my lap and kiss my face if I say "Bad dog". :p
Grace, she's ROTTEN! Completely and totally a brat. "Only 120 or 130 pounds" is a comparative term . . . Shiva's probably going to dwarf her by a minimum of 30 pounds - but Shiva's going to need the size advantage to stay ahead of the manipulative little beast.
haha, her innocent face is very decieving, then. What a litle diva.

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