Bailey & Sidney

Bailey & Sidney then...
Thanks! These were the 2 pups I kept out of a litter of 11!! I also have the Mother (Chelsey) & the Father (Harley)-both are chocolate (Labs). This was Chelsey's 1st litter & every one of them came out chocolate (5 boys & 6 girls)!! She was an exceptional 1st time Mom-very gentle & good natured!! :)
Labs are just adorible,they take me back home when I got my 1st chocolate lab,named Max he's 4 years old!
Adorable! It must have been difficult to keep just two!
I get so attached...I cried everytime each puppy went home with their new owners. If I could, I would have kept them all!!
Great pic are they labs?they look like them have you seem my puppy!!!

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