Ajax loves his ice cream

Ajax is 7 months old, and when he gets his ice cream treat,he gets this blissful expression
That's darling! What a face! The big GSD/Akita mix I had for years, Bear, loved ice cream, especially from a little ice cream shop on the way up to Gatlinburg. The owner liked him so well that she wouldn't charge me for Bear's dish of ice cream, plus, he attracted a lot of customers with kids who wanted to see the "big doggie eat ice cream." How long did it take Ajax to learn to eat it slowly and not get brain freeze?
He has always just licked it slowly...like he is savoring every moment. He sits by the refridgerator and looks longingly at the freezer on hot afternoons. Bear seems like a great name for a GSD/Akita mix.
Bear is the name he came with from the pound, and I figured he'd been through so many changes that a name change was probably one too many. He looked like a large arctic wolf on steriods. Bear suited his personality, though, 'cause with friendlies he was a teddy bear, but with anything aggressive or threatening he was a regular irate grizzly.
That is so cute.. and you can see just a little tounge poking out. Your dgo looks like a real sweetie.

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