working airedale terrier?? Redline Airedale?


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Jul 13, 2008
I saw a dog yesterday and was fascinated by the look of it and am now wondering if anyone knows anything about working airedale terriers? The dog had the structure of an airedale, but much much less "fluff." It had a wiry coat with a very slight curl, but the coat was much shorter than what I typically think of with airedales. The tail was short (either bobbed, a very very long dock, or just a very very short tail...). His face was almost entirely smooth but with the same general structure as an airedale.

When I first saw him, I thought that he was an airedale mix but I overheard his owner talking to a different person and he merely described the dog as an "airedale." Not that this has anything to do with anything, but the dog was not fixed and was being walked on a leather lead with a chain around his neck. He stood and waited for his owner on his owner's command while the man walked into a local shop. I was impressed both by the looks of the dog as well as the dog's overall obedience and demeanor.

I was in Southwest VA, about as south as you can go without getting into NC or Tennessee.

Could I have seen a working terrier? He was a really cool looking dog and had an interesting presence to him. I don't want one - I'm just curious. I googled "working airedale terrier" and all of those dogs are still fluffier than the dog that I saw.

After a bit more googling, here are some similar images.

The dog looked similar to this picture:

In terms of a photo, it looked quite like this:

or this:

or this:

None of the above photos are my own - just using for example.

I wish I'd snapped a photo - it was a fascinating looking dog. Quite frankly, I found it much more appealing than any show-airedale I've seen.

All of the images that look like the dog I saw, I found in a search of "redline airedales." Does anyone know what a redline airedale is?

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