very disturbing/disappointing


floor dancer
Jul 10, 2013
I had avoided posting to begin due to I didn't want the person to get the satisfaction of drama, as I'm assuming is the case here, they were looking for, and I was irritated enough that I wasn't in the mood to not be snarky. Seeing it's brought up again I'll address.

Someone being "anonymous" to post this and see if something stirs up instead of directly just coming to me and asking me if it was my posting or if someone was using my images or something other, was my first thought seeing it.

No, I did not post it. I am open about my plans on breeding Chomper, to begin, but I have no intention of studding him out ever when or IF it even happens.

I do upload my pictures in mass on Flickr. Many I don't share anywhere, as I use it as a bit of a storage place, then share the ones I think came out best or I like a lot around. I share on many websites, some which keeps the link to your Flickr (such as FP) when on Chaz and the forums I can, I will delete that as I don't like the clutter. So if they're from one of those websites, or maybe just found my account in general as I do post in Flickr groups sometimes, could have swipped them off there to use. Though, no clue what the point in using them to post an ad on Chomper or who or where from the person who did it may have came off of, but hopefully it'll get removed if not already and can move off this silliness.
Jeez people suck.

I will never understand why people do things like this- not just posting the ads, but posting this thread, too. I'm sorry that this happened to you :(

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