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Apr 16, 2018
So I just got a new dog, Honey, and she is the most timid thing. She did really well with our one dog, Puna, but our older dogs, Thumper and Magic growl at her a lot. It wasnʻt an issue because she never retaliated. Sheʻs super clumsy and steps on the older dogs a lot. They snap and growl but usually she just moves away. But, today I was on my computer and I heard screaming from the dogs, and I saw Honey and Magic in a fight. She was on top of him, biting him. Then, I got up and started yelling at her, I didnʻt know what else to do! Then, Puna comes up behind me and bites me. So I turn around to look at him, because I thought he was confused and thought I was a dog. He stops, so I turn back to the fight and am getting closer to Honey and Magic, yelling still, and Puna bites me AGAIN! Then I just shake him off because poor Magic is being bitten, and Puna bites me A THIRD TIME. It felt like he was biting, and then pulling me. I wonder if he was reacting to my energy or trying to pull me away from the fight? Either way, I broke it up, and Iʻm assuming Magic bit Honey when she got too close, and maybe actually hurt her so I think that mustʻve started it. Sheʻs shown no aggression up to that point. What do I do?? Why did my dog bite me?? Please help!!!!!

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