Still need to go out

Mar 8, 2016
Ele is doing really good about not having accidents in the house. It's been about 3 days since she's had an accident (except for her getting sick and pooping in the house yesterday but she was sick). Anyway the only problem is that I am noticing that in her crate she can hold it but when she's out she's constantly running and playing and usually will start sniffing every 15-20 and will go outside and potty. She's usually pretty quick to potty for me to when I take her out every 15 minutes as well, within a minute she's squatting. The vets estimate her birthday at November 20th (or somewhere around that day they just told me to pick a number in the early 20's) so she's just over 3 months old. Is every 15 minutes too often for her to be going out still? Should I try to make her wait a little bit before going outside? If I crate her she just barks so I don't like crating her unless it's nighttime so crating her isn't really an option. With the other dogs though I would let them out and set a timer and when the timer went off I would crate them for a certain amount of time and when that time went off I would take them out and then I would slowly lessen the amount of time they were in the crate. It worked great for the other dogs but she just barks and gives me a headache so I don't like crating her unless it's bedtime (which now usually she will just go to sleep assuming she's had atleast 4 hours of running and playing and tormenting before bedtime).

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