Something that's been bugging me...

Jul 6, 2015
So last year we had a baby. After an initial bump or two our dogs ended up accepting our little guy as one of the family. The chihuahua is the playmate, while the dally is more like the "mother" (even though he's a guy).

What I've always found odd was an incident that happened once with each dog. When our boy was really young (maybe a month old) we had him between us on the bed while we were watching TV. The dogs would usually be on the bed with us as well, mainly because they wanted to be close to the baby. On two separate occasions each of our dogs tried to bury the baby under the blankets! It was both cute and terrifying at the same time.

I've always wondered why, exactly. I did a little poking around on the Internet, and the best explanation I found was that covering puppies is how the mother keeps them safe. It would seem that the dogs saw our baby as a puppy and were showing us the right way to take care of him.

Any thoughts?

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