Recall training for intact male


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Apr 6, 2021
Hello does anyone have any tips regarding training recall to intact male dogs. I was recall training with a whistle using the Total Recall book for my 3 year old Irish terrier who has a high prey drive to chase, which was going very well for the first 4 or 5 months (during this time my 3 year old terrier was on chemical neutering for the first time via Suprelorin) and there was lots of progress with recall. However since the jag has now ceased and he's back to being intact full of testosterone again! I've noticed a definite change in obedience and his recall with whistle has deteriorated and he now often ignores the whistle completely when on walks. Very disappointing after getting quite far into the training program. He used to watch me and pay attention and engage while on walks but now he just keeps his head to the ground most of the time and wanders off (not too far from me) when we're outdoors sniffing and scenting and so when I blow the whistle he usually ignores it, only rarely does he come to me on command now. I am not going back to Suprelorin or neutering as aside from better recall there were more negatives than positives in my experience including some anxiety nervousness and aggression issues whilst on the drug which he hadn't demonstrated before and he's now much clamer, relaxed and confident but it's just that he ignores me and seems to be in a world of his own on walks and not as connected to my voice or whistle, is there any way you could provide some tips to train recall to intact males? Am surprised how being intact again has changed his recall behaviour considerably, maybe I should have waited to start the training after Suprelorin had ceased but I had lots of free time being on furlough and also I didn't think there would be any change to recall obedience afterwards when in reality the change has been very obvious and dramatic almost overnight in a short space of time of the drug wearing off, but let's hope I can restart and get him back to the recall level he was before which was actually pretty good and I was pleased at the success of the progress and how far we'd come. My dog now seems obsessed with sniffing the ground continuously on walks and marking territory and not much else distracts him anymore including my whistle :) thanks

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