Police To Hand Over Stray Dog Responsibility To Council

Nov 12, 2007
DEFRA has announced the date that it intends to transfer responsibility for stray dogs from the police solely to local authorities. A letter sent to councils announces that the handover date will be April 2008. A settlement figure of £4 million pounds has also been agreed but this money will be paid into the general grant that goes to all councils.

The letter mentions that the duty of the council will be to provide a reception centre for dogs and not a collection service, how this will work remains to be seen, what about health and safety risks to a person told to take a dog in their own car to a reception centre, what if the dog attacks the finder when they are bringing the dog in? Would liability transfer to the local authority or reception centre that advises a finder to bring the dog to them?

DEFRA advice includes asking councils to work with amongst others involved with stray dogs, animal welfare charities; somehow it has escaped the notice of DEFRA that the major player animal welfare charities such as the RSPCA stopped working in partnership with local councils so as to force them to deal with stray dogs a number of years ago?

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