New jack Russell terrier puppy


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Jan 17, 2017
Hello guys!
About a week ago I welcomed home my new jack Russell puppy, Milo. He is a sweetheart! He is very playful, he learned to stay in his crate very quickly(though he hates his fabric carrier for some reason and throws tantrums when I put him in) he is rather quite and hasn't had that many accidents in the house. van dongben 2 chỗ, In general he seems like a very nice and mostly well behaved puppy! I do have some puppy blues,though, feeling the crush of responsibility of a new pet. There are times it gets better and times it gets bad at the point where I almost regret the decision but it's definitely better since day one. I think the biggest reason I'm nervous is that every time people see the puppy and I tell them the breed they tell me " oh that's a meschievous breed and oh he's going to be messy and noisy!" And that kind of freaks me out!
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I know jack Russells are high energy dogs and need a lot of excercise but I am prepared to take him out for long walks and runs! Also I've already started some minor training( he's just 2.5 months old yet) making him sit and making sure that any jumping around and whining will get him nowhere. So I need a real advice from someone who's raised high energy dogs before and I want someone to reassure me that with proper handling and excercise this breed can be a fine and calm companion! Because all these comments just add up to all the stress I'm already going through! :( gia xe khach dong vang
Thank you for any advice!
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