Need help regarding locating a good rescue


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Jan 17, 2017
It's been a while since I was last here bit in desperate need of help. My boyfriend has a dog staffyxakita he turned 3 last January. He had a wonderful temperament up until my boyfriend split with his wife and she gave him to the dog warden behind his back (my bf was sleeping on sofas at thr time so couldn't take his dog at that time) my bf managed to get him back and his friend gave him a home for 4/5 months while my bf got a place sorted and got his dog back. Unfortunatly the dog has come back with behaviour problems he growls at some people (not all) and recently bit his friend not badly but still bit. He is a beautiful dog and I honestly don't think he should be pts as I feel with training he could go back to being a lovely natured dog again however my bf has been told off his mate (who he's living with and the dog bit) that he has to go, this means my bf is having to make the heart wrenching decision to rehome him. I am looking into a possible rescue for him one with a no kill policy and one that will help him with the behaviour training he needs. He's not a bad dog he's only bit once and doesn't growl at everyone infact my bf has noted that he's ok with women but seems abit off with men (except my bf).

Can anyone point me in a good direction please? I'm in the north east UK

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