Large Reactive vs Small Reactive Dogs

Aug 29, 2016
I just got finished walking my guys (they get walked separately because Heidi is still working on walking nicely, and she makes Levi misbehave :p ).

My neighborhood has a ton of dogs, but there are about 6-7 that I regularly see being walked. (Oddly enough two of them are walked on flexis and prongs, I don't get it).

On my walk with Heidi, we saw four dogs. Two GSDs, a Westie and a Greyhound. The one GSD is a puppy and gets super excited, so s/he pulls like crazy. It is walked on a prong, so the pulling then makes it go a little crazy. The guy is always super annoyed and just kind of yanks them along. The Westie (who I think is named Reggie), went nuts, lunging and barking and the lady was just like "Oh Reg, come on now". The Greyhound is very sweet. Reactive until he gets to meet the dogs. Heidi has met him before and she likes him a lot.

Then I went out with Levi. Since it was a little bit later, people were getting their kids off to school, off to work etc. We saw way more dogs. Right as we walked off our walkway onto the sidewalk, a Yorkie came from behind our neighbor's hedge and launched himself at Levi, who jumped away because he's a lover, not a fighter. :p We managed to get onto the Boulevard, and this dog continued to go absolutely ballistic as we walked away. (Levi got some hot dog for his traumatic experience). His owner laughed and said "Oh what are you going to do tough guy".

Then we passed an Aussie, uneventful. :p Then we came upon the giant Lab-mix, who started barking and lunging, the lady scolded him, gave him a serious leash correction, and walked on by. To end the walk, some little girl (maybe like 5?) ran out and hugged Levi around the neck. Scared me, terrified the dad, but Levi was pleased.

All in all, it seems to be my experience that if you have a small-reactive/lunging dog, people don't seem to feel the need to address it. Or it is labelled as "big dog in a small dog body" or "thinks he's so tough". Whereas with larger dogs, people seem to think that it is the dog being disobedient, unruly, or aggressive, or correct the dog (usually harshly, but sometimes through redirection).

I guess my question is, does this happen everywhere, have people noticed the same things as me? I find it incredibly annoying. My dogs are getting the same message regardless if the dog is 10 pounds or 100 pounds, so I'm not sure why these dogs are treated so differently. The Yorkie this morning for example, was all teeth, and Levi felt the need to seriously get away from it.

Thank you for allowing me to rant. I'm annoyed on behalf of my dogs.

Edit: I know the members on here are attentive to their reactive dogs regardless of the size, this is more a general thing.
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