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Dec 30, 2015
Hello my name is Nicolas from Las Cruces, NM. I work in agency Circuit Vietnam pas cher. I love dogs and just adopted my first puppy ever.

I just adopted a lab and collie mix on Friday. He is 3 months old and full of energy. I joined this forum for advice on what to feed my pup. At the moment we tried to give him dry kibble. I bought Ol'Roy which i did not know was the worst food to buy. He would not eat it so the shelter tech suggested chicken and rice. Now he was doing well but when we brought him home he developed diarrhea. We did a parvo test and thankfully it was negative. He's on medication to combat that. So now i need to know what to feed him. I just found out that he seems to be allergic to the chicken.

Any advice on homemade food or the raw diet would be appreciated.
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