Introducing The "Worlds First" Bite Release Dog Wand

Jan 19, 2016

We would like to introduce to you to ‘"The World’s First Dog Wand", with the use of pioneering technology, the Bite Release Dog Wand is perfect for everything from naughty puppies to feral attacks and life-saving situations.

The scary truth
Dog attacks throughout the UK and US are one of the most common cause of severe facial injuries, with an estimated 200,000 recorded dog bites in the UK and over 4,500,000 recorded dog bites in the US every year. This is largely due to the fact that many dogs are left to roam the streets without adequate training.

Introducing Bite Release
Bite Release puts an end to nasty dog bites with a pioneering new product which releases any dog chomp in seconds! The Bite Release product is a non-invasive wand ( NOT Electric Shock ), which has been tested and is absolutely harmless to the animal, whilst releasing any dogs bite whether on a toy, child or animal. The long handle keeps your hand a safe distance from the mouth area, and with a simple press of a button the dog will instantly release its grip, it’s simple!
Bite Release can been useful in any household throughout the world whether you are animal lovers or not. It provides peace of mind and sometimes life-saving protection from feral dogs, and can also be used to train those cute, but naughty puppies to protect your furniture from costly destructive damage.

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How does it work
When the button is pressed it generates harmless ‘ultra sonic vibrations’, the animal feels a sensation that is totally new to them thus distracting and homing their focus on the sensation instead of biting or chewing etc. We found that some lower and some higher vibration frequencies wouldn’t work on all dogs but we have found the perfect frequency that always releases a bite. Although we want to keep the exact frequency a secret, the technology behind the ‘Dog Wand’ has proven to work on a dog time after time. Perfect for long-term use!
The Bite Release Wand is also perfectly safe and harmless to young dogs and puppies, the only training tool needed to stop unwanted nipping and chewing, helping to train your dog to chew only its own toys. Your slippers will thank us!

“Very impressed… Bite Release Wand certainly works and certainly has a place for it within training dogs to bite and release†Gaynor Probert , Director and Dog Trainer at A1K9 & Behaviorist for the CFBA.

“The Bite Release tool would be wonderful to help us to control nasty dogs, it has an instant reaction and stops biting quickly, without any harm to yourself or the dog†Jean Morris, Veterinary Surgeon for over 40 years

About us
We would like to introduce ourselves as Paul James and Karen James, a married couple from Cardiff, United Kingdom. We have always had a passion for mechanics, engineering, new technology and inventions, and have spent the past couple of years developing our Bite Release idea into commercial reality. After a worrying rise in the number of dog attacks in the UK and little in the market when its comes to protection from these attacks, Bite Release was born as a humane and safe to use tool – which could save lives!

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Support us
The day we have been looking forward to for a very long time is finally here - after years in development we are glad to tell you that we have launched our product on Kickstarter. Check it out:

Backers that support us on Kickstarter will help the project come to life. They also get to choose from a variety of rewards offered by us:

  1. For just £20 you'll be one of the firsts who will put their hands on this amazing product and will help us make it a reality.
  2. For £43 or more you will get the PRO version of the Bite Release Wand. Ideal for Dog trainers and professional dog handlers.
  3. If you pledge £55 or more you'll protect yourself and 3 other loved ones for 20% off retail price.
  4. An £1 pledge will help us getting closer toward stopping dog attacks all around the globe.

You could either support us or just spread the word!

Thank you so much in advance for wanting to help us bring to life the Bite Release Dog Wand.

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