Home Cooked Info ?

Sep 3, 2009
British Columbia , Canada
Hello ,
I have a client with a incredibly picky 5lb Pomeranian . The dog in question is approximately five years old and in good health . She has tried every kibble under the sun , tried dehydrated raw and has recently switched to a raw diet . She tried a prepared ground raw food but her dog wouldn't touch it , so now she's gone onto making her own . Now she's feeding exclusively muscle meat , no bone , no offal . We chatted last night and she doesn't want to feed bone as her vet told her not to . She's spending $50-$80 a WEEK trying to feed him all these organic meats , most of which he wont touch raw but will take cooked . We talked a bit more and I explained that he's not getting a complete diet , she was interested in doing a home cooked diet . Can anyone direct me to some good information on doing a home cooked diet for your dog ?

Thank you

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