Help with food agression, agression, anxiety and changing cats


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Jan 3, 2016
Hi, I got a new dog on the 1st. He is a border collie mix. Very calm, loving and fairly obedient. He will run full
Blast one min and sleep on the floor the next. I love him
To death but he has shown some food aggression to
Out older papillon mix, bella. Also he shows some
Dominance or maybe jealousy towards Bella bc he pinned her down and growled. This makes me nervous bc
We had another dog a month or so ago that attacked and
Almost killed our bella. So I wanna nip this in the bud.
He seems to have symptoms of anxiety as well. I had to
Give up one other dog bc I had no idea how to fix it. Plus
She was way worse. Can anyone help me fix him?
I would really appreciate it.
Also he chases cats I put him on a tie down when he is outside so maybe he will learn he can't get them so he will give up? Anyways let me know if you have any help to offer. Thanks:)

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