Hello Everyone! Maryland Pit Bull Ban question.

Mar 16, 2005
I am so sorry I forgot to let you all know about Dallas. Sadly, he was given back to his original owner a few months back. The only thing the owner of where I work cared about was the fact that Dallas's owner did not pay her for the crate she shipped him in. So sorry I forgot to tell you guys I was just so broken when he left I pretty much shut myself down for a month. I never been that close to a dog before it also did not help that he looked like the Pit that saved my life when I was young just a diffrent color.

However, I have good news. A group of friends of mine as well as (A Groomer & Dog Trainer) animal lovers. We are going to start a dog resort like no one has ever seen. Nevertheless, I am looking for a county in Maryland, where where Pit Bulls, Am Staffs and Bullies are not banned. However, the only County I know where they are surely banned is PG. In addition, I was told they added another county to the childish "Pit Bull" ban. I was looking online trying to find any information no luck. Can anyone post me a link or share any information. I found one last year, but it seems it's no longer there.

For more info on my thoughts on why I am starting this company. First two post.

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