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Nov 26, 2004
Halfmoon, NY
I just received this from a friend who asked that I crosspost it.

Subject: If you've ever loved and lost a dog, please read and cross post

I know we ask for prayers for humans and I think God will answer prayers for such a litte guy with a big heart.

Tucson needs a miracle.

Let me explain. Three weeks ago, I found a miniature schnauzer in my driveway that was so emaciated that I didn't expect him to live through the weekend to get to the vet. But I put him on 3 hour feedings and vitamins and he about doubled his weight over the weekend.

As soon as he got stronger, he wanted to continue his journey, it was plain he was searching for the way HOME!!

I placed an ad in the local paper "Small purebred housedog found, has been lost a long time, owner describe." We have lab buyers here, it is necessary to protect the found dogs from them. After several calls, we
actually found Tuscon's owner, an older lady who bought him as a puppy from a breeder in Tucson, hence the name. He had been lost since someone removed him
from his yard last November.

His mom has been to see him almost everyday since we found her. We are paying the hospital bill because it was our decision to give him every chance to find his way home. He is such a sweet little thing.

At first, he seemed to be improving and we were hopeful he would be home soon with his mom. But now he seems to have stopped improving and the vet has said if he doesn't get over this hump, that he should be PTS on Monday, because he might have been starved for too long and suffered permanent damage to his kidneys.

I've tried to console myself with the fact that if we lose him at least we have reunited him with his mom before he went to the Bridge. But I want more than that for him. I want a miracle from God. So I am asking
everyone who reads this letter, who has ever loved a pet to ask God for a miracle for Tucson. Just a short prayer, a few seconds will do, God knows who he
is if He knows every sparrow and lily in the field.

He's just a little dog, but I'm sure God loves him at least as much as a sparrow and if enough of us ask Him for a miracle, I don't see how God can ignore that much faith. A short prayer and just crosspost this letter wherever you think people who love their animals will say a short prayer for Tucson.

You see, I've been rescuing for 44 years now and this is only the third dog whose owners I've found. But if you could have seen that tiny body, so shrunken with starvation, but as soon as he had eaten enough to
stand, he was ready to head out on the path home again because he couldn't give up on the love in that tiny, doggy heart. I tell people all the time that we can't save them all and we can't change the world, but for each one
that we do save, we have changed their whole world.

Well, people and medicine have done all they can to get Tucson home and he only has until Monday, Oct. 16th to pull through or be sent to the Bridge.

The only thing that can save him now is an answered prayer. So please, for all the lost dogs in the world tonite, lets say one short prayer for them and for Tucson and ask God to give him a little time with the family
he has tried so hard to get home to.

If you have other dog lists where people aren't ashamed to ask God for a miracle for a little dog, then please forward this letter. I believe God answers prayers and I have seen many miraculous things in my life. This is the only thing left I can think of to do for him.

Anyway, thanks for reading and doing whatever your heart leads you to do.

*Patricia Breen*


Water Junkie
Aug 1, 2006
Awww poor guy!!!! I am senind my prayers and love to you and Tucson's family!!! :)

Pull through this tough little guy!!!! :D

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