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Dec 13, 2006
Sunny Southern California
New Years Day Dakota had a little accident. She got her hind leg caught between two metal steps on an RV. This resulted in her tearing one of her nails off. The vet had to completely remove the remains of that nail. Doctor's orders were that she be kept quiet for a week, with daily bandage changes, and we'd re check her foot today.

The first day wasn't bad, as Dakota had been heavily sedated while her foot was operated on.... The next day however, she was her old self again and couldn't understand WHY she couldn't go out to play. Do you folks have ANY idea how HARD it is to keep a 2 year old, otherwise healthy GSD busy and entertained when she isn't allowed to run and romp outside??

We have a fenced yard, so Dakota has always been allowed to come and go from the house as she pleased, except at bed time when we call them inside for the night. Our two acre property is like our own private dog park and it blew Dakota's mind when she was suddenly no longer allowed to go out and enjoy it. She has been taken out on a LEASH to go potty, and brought right back in.

We've given her every kind of toy and treat in the book, and even invented a few of our own. She's too darn smart for her own good and gets bored way too easily, she's driving us bananas!!

Well, I just got back from our 8am vet appointment, Doc says her paw looks great, the bandage can come off, and we can allow her a little bit of outdoor play starting tomorrow. By the end of the week she should be good to go, THANK GOD!! LOL

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