Dog aggressive females that used to get along.

May 5, 2021
I have, right now, 3 sets of females that have decided they hate each other and grump at each other. If not separated I would definitely have dog fights. I have probably made the situation worse by keeping them separated, using baby gates or closed doors or whatever. The latest to decide to be a jerk is one that recently had pups(they've gone home now). She used to get along with the other 2 young females, now she goes on the offensive-snapping and snarling. The more dominant of the two says "oh hell no" and wants to fight back, and of course the other girl will jump in, too. Any ideas on getting at least my 3 young girls back to liking each other again so they can hang out all day in the horse barn? I tried leashes, but that probably made them more snappy. (My dogs are rarely leashed-I live on a farm) When I bring them in, either one or the two must be crated, so I stagger times so they all get attention. I've thought about just muzzling them and letting them be jerks (without hurting each other) until they can be civil, but I'm not so sure about that. I could do shock collars, but that's also far from the top of my list. I absolutely prefer positive reinforcement- they're Corgis and easily get their feelings hurt if hollered at. Any suggestions from pro trainers would be awesome!

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