Conformation/structure critique?

Oct 24, 2010
Seattle, WA
I managed to get a couple of kind of stacked shots of Wilson and figured I'd post them here and see what some of you guys thought. He's coming up on 19 months old so he is still growing/filling out but yeah.

tumblr_o0q2sev9X71ueuefxo2_1280 by darshanabhilashi, on Flickr

He did something weird with his feet here so he looks especially weird.

tumblr_o0q2sev9X71ueuefxo1_1280 by darshanabhilashi, on Flickr

Slightly better but I don't know. I don't know a whole lot about conformation but I think his front and rear look okay EXCEPT something looks really off to me about his back? Butt high? Again I'm no expert stacker so part of it could be that he's standing weird. And excuse his back feet they are a fuzzy mess and I need to trim them up.

12509782_1119319031425086_2971856124653206636_n by darshanabhilashi, on Flickr

Bonus photo of perchwork at the dog park. Amazing how this dog is all eyes on me even when other dogs are running around him barking and having fun. It probably helped that he knew I had a ball in my pocket ;)

Eta; excuse his poor sad face he's very upset that I was making him stand in one place when there was a TUG TOY right behind me
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