Code Red DOGS will be euthed Dallas Texas DAS Wonderul Bassett Mix, Wggy Tail Video

Nov 28, 2007
Please take a look at these very urgent dogs at Dallas Animal Services in Dallas Texas. This is the shelter that took care of Bentley the dog whose owner was the nurse who got ebola. They do so much to try not to euthanize. Scroll down under the cocker spaniel pic to see the video. This dog is Totally URGENT. IF you can foster, let them know. I think a rescue will take many of these dogs if they can find reliable fosters.
His tail is wagging. How could anyone not give this dog or any of them a chance to live out their natural lives in a loving home. The holidays are busy but these are lives that will end shortly while we are all celebrating. What a holiday gift to give, the gift of life to an animal who is about to be euthed.
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