Can’t train papillon


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Mar 7, 2018
I can’t get my papillon Fred to pee outside. I have a 3 year old pap that I got at 7 mos old. He was tied to my front door by a neighbor that moved away. The dog was so scared heaven only knows how long he was out there. I’ve kept him and he’s a good dog except I can’t get to per outside. I also have s 17 year old Pom who is also my service dog, his name is Enzo. Enzo is on heart medication and on lassix which means I constantly have to take him out which also means I take Fredo out as well. Enzo pees and Fredo marks doesn’t pee. I also go for walks 3 times a day and Fredo still only marks and our walks r at least 30 minutes at nite and almost an hour during the day, then he comes in and tries to per in the house. He knows better now because I’ve had it. I’ve already had to pay to replace my living room carpet and it wasn’t cheap. I’m on social security and disabled and money doesn’t flow my way. How can I get this dog to only pee outside before I get red of him

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