Aunty’s Yummy New Chew Toys!


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May 18, 2009
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Good afternoon all! Long time, no bark from! Sorry, but mommy just started a new job and has been taking part time classes. Me, well I am just trying to keep my nose out of trouble, which for a big Saint Bernard, its not always easy! Well, right now I am in doggy heaven. Aunty just arrived at my house and will be doggysitting me for the next week while mommy is away. AND look at the yummy new chew toys she brought for me!!!! Mmmmmmm, grrrrrrrr slurp!!! New white leather nike sneakers! MY FAVORITE!!!!! I sniffed and licked them as soon as she sat down. Mmmmmm all that nike leather is sooooo soft and squishy and it will just melt in my mouth! And the best part is that I get to eat them up for dessert aaaaaallllll week! Mommy had not even pulled out of the driveway and I was already trying to chew them off Aunty’s feet!!!! Well, I will keep all you dogs updated, but right now I have to get back to eating on those delicious new nikes!!!!

Snickers, the Naughty Shoe Monster

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