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Remembering Casey ♥
Mar 29, 2009
I think Casey would Excel as an actual retrieving dog. My sister in laws boyfriend is an avid duck hunter and he told me that if I can train casey, he would be more then willing to let me tag along with him on a hunt with casey and let her do her thing.

Casey is a wonderful swimmer, lives and breathes to retrieve anything you can throw for her, she is fast in the water and intelligent. I own two labs and I can tell you , it is pretty obvious which one was bred specifically as a duck dog and which one was bred just, well , "just because" . Casey didn't exactly come from a reputable breeder by any means but the man that she came from bred to have the best bird dogs around.

now the thing is, I have absolutely NO idea how to go about training her to retirve a bird from the water. :rofl1:

I know next to nothing about hunting, i've never done it before and nobody in my family hunts , I don't even know if I fully know what is expected of her to be honest.

Is it even a good idea to do this? I know she would LOVE it. And she is more then drivey enough for it.

Anybody know of any good training books specifically for retrieving or have any suggestions of there own because im kinda clueless. I don't know how to get her going from me throwing something into the water for her to retrieve to having something fall out of the sky for her to retrieve.

Am I even making any sense right now because I am awfully tired to be trying to explain what I am trying to say :p

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