A new walk today was found! :D

Dec 2, 2013
Cold and rainy Scotland
Today me and Axel found a new walk:hail: Well, it wasn't new to me because I used to walk there every week when skipping classes in my first year of Uni... But today I remembered about its existence because our car refused to start and we couldn't go on a planned day out. So we headed to the park and then walked along the river. It was great. Axel had a few games of chase with some dogs and then enjoyed his more peaceful walk full of new smells :) We also met a man with 3 newfoundlands! It was brilliant! Although Axel was of a somewhat different opinion and for the first time was too shy to come up and sniff the dogs
Can I go play mum?

Silly dog

Demonstrating his fast-as-speed-of-light recall

You wouldn't think that we are pretty much in the middle of the busy university area

Reading doggy smellbook

And being a serious aussie

And of course the mucky pup photo

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