1 year old rescue terrier cross bread who's is very aggressive when protecting home.

May 10, 2019
Port Moody

My name is Joey and I'm in a particularly difficult position with a rescue pup (Askim) my girlfriend (Megan) and I have taken in. All we know is that his previous life had him tethered outside all day and brought in at night somewhere in lower mainland BC. Since we've had him, he's come leaps and bounds, but my GF and I have come to a rather stressful roadblock. Our neighbours have a particularly excited pitbull named "Hippo" who is wonderful. Her and Askim get along great when together on or off leash. Our problem is that our balcony is divided by a smoke glass window divider which has about 3 inches of space below and inch of space on the sides. If Hippo comes towards the glass and Askim see's her shadow, he goes on a full defensive to protect Megan and I. He showed similar signs of defence/aggression in general with any other animals at first, but we slowly integrated him to meeting other dogs on leash and then moved to off leash dog parks. He does great when he can see his puppy friends, but my Strata won't allow me to replace the divider and I'm restricted on how much of the window I can block.

Thus far, I've tried slowly holding him back by his leash so he can learn there is no danger and rewarding him with copious amounts of treats. Askim is definitely treat driven. Yet, Hippo is no peach either. Once he's calmed somewhat and curiosity takes over, Hippo tends to paw at the glass somewhat violently. At this point, Askim becomes super defensive again and I return him inside so that hippo doesn't break the window and hurt herself.

On top of all of this. Askim's bark and growl are incredibly loud. I figure he probably had to learn quick on how to fend off coyotes in his past life.

Any suggestions or tips or ideas for a solution would be greatly be appreciated. thanks

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