1. L

    how to bond with cats

    do you think you can bond with cats easily watch how to bond with a strange cat in few seconds very adorable cat people will love it :cool: also you could try it to make the bond with your own cat even stronger bonding with a cute kitten video :)...
  2. ~WelshStump~

    Need Youtube help

    I need to remove the audio from a video uploaded to Youtube, I use to be able to check a box and it would delete the audio, it's no longer there :mad:! Really furious with them overall anymore, but what can you do, they never listen, if they did they never would have changed and broken the...
  3. Y

    My Dogs in a music video!

    I made a fun music video to show how cute and talented these doggies are! I hope you like it. YouTube - The Dog Song Rap Battle Shihtzu vs Bichon Yozzup p.s. no dogs were harmed in the filming of this video :-)
  4. S

    Puppy Love

    Thought this video was pretty funny. It's about a woman who's having trouble in her love life because of her dog. I think I know a few people like that :lol-sign:
  5. S

    Tender loving

    Is it possible to show too much love for your dog? Will it affect their behaviour in the long run? I have a little Chihuahua and being so small, it is easy to carry him around and baby him. I want him to get some independence but he is not even a year old and just so darn cute. People are...