1. L

    What breed?

    She is almost 1 year old and 17 lbs. Any ideas? I think she has some Jack Russell Terrier in her, but other than that, idk.
  2. T


    My wife and I became foster failures when we adopted The Dude (2yo Russel Terrier/beagle mix) 6 months ago. He has been very gentle and sweet with most people and very friendly and playful with most dogs. Lately however, he has shown aggressive behavior toward certain dogs and my wife. We have...
  3. M

    Silky or Yorkie?

    7 months ago we bought a yorkie puppy from an unknown breeder and called him Rufus. After realizing how big Rufus has become we did some research. We found out that he is a little too big for a yorkshire terrier and that he might be a silky terrier. The silky terrier looks a lot like a yorkie...
  4. P

    New Fidget Pics

    I took these today :D Eager by Pareeeee, on Flickr Pretty as a picture by Pareeeee, on Flickr The Fidgetmeister! by Pareeeee, on Flickr
  5. Miss Piggy

    Miss Piggy

    She's a Pit mix, but her ears make her look like she's mixed with pig. So does that make her a "Pigbull"?
  6. C

    show grooming a wheaten terrier?

    I'm a fairly new groomer and I was asked to do a show cut on a wheaten terrier. I'm trying to find some recourses on grooming them but it has been hard to find. I would love to find an instructional video on show grooming a wheaten terrier, and I am even willing to purchase one. Does anyone know...
  7. Tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy

    Tiny teacup Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) puppy

    One of the smallest and cutest one we ever had.
  8. Tallulah